Packed and half-processed food products

From generation we follow the products for pizzerias and restaurants with care, passion and innate spirit of renewal. Since 2003 this big love for the genuineness has made in a new reality with the aim to unite all the forces and the professionalism of own supporters in a single project: PRALVER.

In the industrial area of Verona, Edison street 13, PRALVER has always concentrated on the guarantee own products and on the study of new packaging, with the aim to offer a bigger practicality to the market and the practitioner of the catering industry. The idea to realize genuine products in flexible packaging has offered new incentives and cues to who has to use every day packed products, often also with wasting of energy and costs for the rubbish (cans, boxes, varies wrappers..) Thanks to these new solutions, the PRALVER’s products become easy to use and remain fresh and tasty, because they are preserved by sterilization and pasteurization in autoclave, but with times that limit the thermal stress.

We guarantee:

Processing of selected and fresh raw materials
Technology and guarantee of security and salubrity of the final products
Consulting for the best relation quality/price
Quick delivery

Since 2007 PRALVER has decided to integrate the national supply of mushrooms with the direct import from Poland. Thanks to a rigid selection of the suppliers, the quality of our Champignons answers to all the requirements of quality, freshness and genuineness.

Our Products

Champignon mushrooms, Nameko mushrooms, Pleurotus mushrooms, Porcini mushrooms, Mixed mushrooms, Artichokes slices, Artichokes leaves, Dried tomatoes in oil, Semi-dried tomatoes in oil, Grilled Champignons, Grilled Courgettes, Grilled Peppers, Grilled Aubergines, Capers in vinegar, Olives in brine, Seafood.